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Grey wood flooring has been growing in popularity for some time, especially amongst designers, and is now well established at the top of the trend stakes. Like paint, wallpaper and textiles, grey wood floors are surprisingly versatile and include options to suit a fabulously wide range of interior styles.  

If you are looking for something to complement a traditional interior or period architecture but are concerned that grey is a contemporary trend, don’t be. There are a wealth of possible ways to use grey wood flooring to subtly update a traditional room without it looking out of place.

Broadleaf Vintage parquet is our favourite as its gently distressed patina is inherently authentic and blends seamlessly with traditional style whatever its colour. It will never look dated and is a great way to bring the current trend for greys into more traditional interiors. For a light, modern look try the pale and pretty tones of Silvered Oak; for something classic in style try the subtle bronze grey tones of Worn Oak or the muted hues of Waverley.

If you prefer plank, consider a mixed width floor; using more than one width of board will instantly create a more traditional feel as this is the way that original floorboards were laid so whatever tone you choose it will never feel overly modern. For classic country style try our new Weavers Oak or Greenwich from our Heritage collection. For something a bit more daring, and with a bit more of a contemporary edge, consider the chalky tones of Apsley Oak or the smoky hues of Blakeney, beautiful grey floors from our Old House range.

For a more characterful, vintage style, look to rustic grey boards with a multi-tonal feel and texture such as Broadleaf’s hallmark Sirocco or new Shingle Grey boards. Evocative of old beams, gently weathered over time, this style of floor gives the gently worn feel of reclaimed timber without any of the risk or inconvenience and is as easily matched with classic British style as Scandinavian simplicity.

Pale grey wood floors can be the perfect solution for those rooms where you have considered white, but decided it might be just a bit too modern looking or difficult to keep clean. Just as light and pretty in style, a pale grey wood floor is without doubt a more adaptable choice as well as more forgiving when it comes to wear and tear. Try Washed Grey Oak for an elegant country look or Seaside Grey for a more coastal feel. Both will create the same airy feel as whites when teamed with light walls and pretty but without the same risk of austerity.

And if you are looking to put a really contemporary twist on the trend for grey wood floors, go for a rich dark tone like our Urban Grey Oak, or the sleek lines of a Chevron design in a simple grey tone. Alternatively use a classic natural oak for the majority of the floor and just drop a few groups of grey planks or blocks as a feature.

So, whatever your style, there is a grey wood floor for you. Browse our Grey Wood Flooring Collection for inspiration and or visit a Broadleaf showroom.