Solid Wood Flooring

Discover our unrivalled range of beautiful solid wood flooring.

There is something really special about beautiful solid wood flooring - a sense of luxury and quality that really sets it apart. Broadleaf is proud to offer the largest range of beautiful solid wood flooring in the UK, expertly machined to the highest standards here in Wales.

Most of our solid wood flooring is made from carefully selected French Oak, well known for its warm tones and attractive grain. We have over 100 unique finishes to choose from, covering the range of interior styles, as well as unfinished solid oak flooring that you can seal it after installation in the traditional fashion if you prefer. So whether you are looking for contemporary solid oak flooring, classic solid oak flooring, or traditional solid oak flooring, we have something for you.

Our solid oak plank flooring comes in a choice of widths in every finish that can be used individually to create a more modern look, or mixed to create a more traditional style floor. Our solid oak parquet flooring is available in traditional or vintage style blocks in a choice of sizes and in chevrons. Our blocks are perfectly proportioned for herringbone as well as other traditional parquet designs.

Browse our beautiful solid wood flooring below or visit one of our showrooms to see them for yourself. Alternatively, browse our brochure online, or request a real one, and if you need some advice, give us a call and chat to our expert team about your project.

To find out more about solid oak flooring before you choose your finish, scroll down and read through our simple guide. 

What is Solid Wood Flooring ?

Solid wood flooring is made from a single piece of timber, and these days it is normally machined to have a tongue and groove profile all the way around so that it fits together easily as it is installed. Traditionally, due to less sophisticated machined this was not the case, and solid wood flooring was made with square edges.

Does Solid Wood Flooring move more than Engineered Wood Flooring ?

Unfortunately this question doesn't have a single answer because it depends on the dimensions of the flooring and the conditions surrounding it. All wood will move in response to changes in moisture and humidity. Longer, wider pieces of wood will move more than small, narrower ones. In an engineered construction where layers of timber are laid at 90° to one another, the movement in one direction is balanced at least partially by the movement in another, which helps to keep the overall movement to a minimum.

Consequently, smaller solid wood flooring such as parquet, or narrower planks, will not tend to move more than engineered equivalents in normal living conditions (this is one of the reasons that there are so few narrow engineered wood floors on the market). Wide solid wood flooring will move a little more than wide engineered wood flooring though in reponse to seasonal changes in humidity, and this is why the widest boards in our collections are made in our Strata engineered oak format. 

Does Solid Wood Flooring feel different to Engineered Wood Flooring ?

This will depend on the quality of the engineered wood flooring and how it is fitted. Solid wood flooring is made from the same high quality timber all the way through, which is what gives solid wood floors their particular resonance and warmth underfoot. Engineered wood flooring that is made using the same timber in each layer, and glue or nail fitted in the same way, will acheive the same results. Engineered wood flooring that is made using high quality hardwood timber in each layer will be a close second. Engineered flooring that is made using softwood, softwood ply or hdf will be noticably colder and more 'echoey' underfoot and be much less sound resistant. 

Can I float solid wood flooring ?

Quite simply, no. Floating is a method of installing wood flooring that was designed for engineered wood flooring. It involves gluing the planks of flooring to one another over underlay rather than fixing them to the subfloor beneath. This is possible with engineered wood flooring as the tongue and groove joint is cut from the end grain of the timber and doesn't need space to expand and contract in response to seasonal changes in humidity. It doesn't work for solid wood flooring because the tongue and groove profile is cut along the grain of the timber and needs space within it to accomodate this tiny movement. 

To find out more about ways to fix solid wood flooring, read this section of our Installation Guide.




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