Broadleaf: Sustainable Wood Floors

We are often asked about sustainability. Many of our customers are rightly concerned about where their wood comes from and whether it is ‘sustainable’. As real wood specialists, so are we; responsible forestry is fundamental to what we do and when properly managed, wood is the ultimate sustainable resource. We are committed to providing sustainable wood products, and we operate under a firm environmental policy.

Our eco-friendly wood is sourced from well-managed forests, the majority of which are FSC® or PEFC certified. All of our timber is EUTR compliant and we also source as close to home as possible to avoid unnecessary carbon emissions. Broadleaf are FSC® Chain of Custody Certified under the licence number C145463.

We value the natural environment and are committed to reducing our impact on it. We have the advantage that our primary raw material, wood, is 100% natural and as long as it is responsibly sourced, inherently sustainable.

Real wood also contains no harmful chemicals or allergens and reduces the level of dust in the air, making any environment a healthier place to be.

To build on this, we recycle our production waste to heat our manufacturing facility and our sawdust for fuel pellets. We also use and champion fitting and finishing products with minimum VOC’s and use green electricity and green stationery where possible.


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