Broadleaf Wood Flooring Installation Guide

To be successful a wood floor must be correctly fitted into a suitable environment.

Our simple guide to installing your Broadleaf wood floor explains how to do this, in simple language designed to be understood by the layman. If you are having your floor installed by someone else we still recommend that you read this as well as them, so that you understand the process, and so that they understand our recommendations.

If you or your intended contractor have specific queries about fitting your Broadleaf wood floor that are not covered here, please contact one of our showrooms or our technical team at Broadleaf Head Office and we will be happy to go answer them.

If you are fitting a Broadleaf wood floor for someone else, please make sure that your client has been made aware of any installation choices relevant to their particular product selection and any issues that may apply to their installation.

Please bear in mind that this installation guidance is not intended to be applied to non Broadleaf products.

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