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Wide, narrow, black, white, solid or engineered, whatever colour or style of plank flooring you are looking for we can offer you a choice of beautiful options, expertly made here in the UK. 

Browse our unique and unrivalled range of beautiful oak plank flooring below and order samples of your favourites. Alternatively, browse by collection or visit one of our lovely showrooms to see larger displays and talk about your projects with our experts. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about the difference between solid and engineered oak plank flooring, guidance on which width of plank might best suit your room and which way to lay your plank floor.

Do I need an engineered plank floor ?

Customers often ask about the difference between solid and engineered oak flooring, and which of these they need. In simple terms, solid oak flooring is made from single pieces of timber, whilst engineered oak flooring is made from multiple layers. 

In the case of plank flooring, the engineered construction creates additional stability and opens up additional installation options. Whether you will need this, and whether engineered oak flooring will offer any advantage  or not will depend on how and where you are looking to fit it. For example, if you need to float your floor, or if you want to fit wide planks over underfloor heating, then you will need engineered oak flooring, but if you choose a medium width board, to be glue fitted in normal conditions, then there would be no advantage. 

All of our plank floors are available as both solid or engineered oak flooring, so this is not something that you need to worry about until you have chosen the floor you like best. They are all made in our factory in Wales, using the same methods and the same care, so whichever option you choose you can be assured of the same quality. Once you have made your choice, you can either use our flooring selector to decide which construction best suits your installation method, or ask us and we will be happy to advise.

To find out more about how to fit wood flooring, and the different installation methods available, click here and have a quick read through our simple guide.

Which width of plank flooring should I choose ?

To some extent this will obviously be a question of taste, but the width of the plank flooring that you choose will have quite an impact on how the floor looks when it is laid, so it is definitely something to think about as part of your selection process. Wide plank flooring is impressive and will bring a sense of intimacy to larger rooms where they are in proportion. Narrower plank floors on the other hand, will make smaller spaces appear more generous. Wide plank flooring will also create a more contemporary looking wood floor, as traditionally these were rare. Using a single width of plank in wood flooring is a relatively modern phenomenon, so if you want to create a more traditional looking floor, you can do this by mixing more than one width of plank. All widths of Broadleaf plank flooring in the same format are compatible, so you can do this easily.

Which way should I lay my plank flooring ? 

Conventionally, and to show them off to their best advantage, wood flooring planks are laid in the direction of the primary light souce and along the length of the room so that the light runs along them rather than across them. That said, it is a rule of thumb, and the shape of the room, what the wood flooring is to be fitted to, or personal preference may mean that this is not the best solution in every case. We would always recommend that you discuss and agree the direction that your wood flooring is going to be laid with the fitter when they carry out their survey to avoid any potential issues at fitting stage.
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