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We make our wood flooring on a wide choice of formats, so if you need a wood floor that meets a particular criteria, select it below to see all of the lovely choices that match.

Sometimes you need a particular format of wood flooring as well as a particular finish. Whether it is parquet flooring rather than plank, an engineered wood flooring to float or solid wood flooring to meet listed building criteria, the good news is that as award winning UK manufacturers we make our wood floors in lots of different formats so this shouldn't limit your choice.

Select your preferred format below to see our fabulous range of beautiful wood flooring choices that meet your needs.

If you are unsure about the format of wood flooring you need, don't worry - we make most of our wood floors in a choice of formats so you can choose by colour, style or collection as you prefer and then we can find the right one for you.

If you have any questions or need any advice just give us a call and our expert team will be happy to help. 

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