Design with Broadleaf Commercial Wood Floors

One of the biggest challenges to any design process is sourcing the quality products that will successfully bring it to life. When it comes to wood floors, working with Broadleaf means this is no longer a problem.
Alongside our extensive current collections as manufacturers we also have access to our entire back catalogue and every bespoke product we have ever made, so whatever style, colour or texture you are looking for the chances are we have something to fit the bill. And if not, we can almost certainly make it.
If one of our parquet finishes meets your brief in terms of colour, but you are looking for a plank, if you need a plank border to match a parquet floor, if the standard option is satin but you want matt, if you like a colour but want more or less texture, the answer is the same - no problem, we can make it.
As we can make all of our finishes on a choice of solid, engineered, plank or parquet we have plenty of scope to meet installation and budget criteria, and you can mix and match colours and formats as you wish without worrying that they won't be compatible because they are from different suppliers.
Best of all, none of this means long lead times or unrealistic budgets, and you won't specify our product only to find that by the time the project goes ahead it has been discontinued. As UK manufacturers our lead times are short, there is no huge premium for any of the options mentioned above, and we can always make more.

Want to Know More?

Just give us a call on 01269 851 910 or email and we will be happy to introduce ourselves in person and help you bring your designs to life



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