Original Vintage Parquet Flooring

Loved for its informal elegance, our Original Vintage Parquet flooring faithfully recreates the beauty of years old parquet floors. With softly worn edges and a gently distressed patina it has a more relaxed feel than traditional options which makes it wonderfully versatile and the ideal way to bring the coveted parquet style into modern or less formal interiors.

Original Vintage Parquet is expertly machined to the highest standards and made from the finest sustainably sourced European Oak. Each finish is available in a choice of sizes and designs which can be used to create  beautiful herringbone flooring or other classic designs.
Original Vintage Parquet floors are fully finished with our durable, natural looking Classic Hardwax Oil, so they are easy to care for and need no further sealing after installation.
To see our parquet flooring for yourself visit one of our inspiring showrooms or order samples from the individual product pages. If you have any queries or need any advice, get in touch - We are always happy to help.

A bit more information about our parquet flooring 

Our parquet flooring is made as individual blocks designed to be laid in geometric shapes to create attractively patterned wood floors. As the pieces run in different directions they catch the light in different ways and show off the grain of the timber to stunning effect whichever way you walk across the floor. Although they are elegant and luxurious, our parquet floors are also incredibly hard-wearing and very well suited to high traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens and commercial interiors.

Amongst our parquet collections you will find solid and engineered parquet flooring options, although as the construction doesn't limit how or where it can be fitted (see below) you can simply choose by colour and style. You will find a choice of different sizes and designs in every option giving you plenty of design choice too

Solid v engineered parquet flooring

As parquet flooring is made from small elements an engineered construction should not make a difference to how or where it can be fitted as long as it is well machined and the timber is correctly dried. All of our solid and engineered parquet flooring can be successfully fitted into any room with normal living conditions. Both options will need to be glue fixed to a dry, level structural subfloor and are suitable for use over underfloor heating as long as they are fitted in line with our installation guide.

Parquet flooring patterns

In recent years, although the term parquet covers a wide range of different designs and possibilities, parquet floors have become synonymous with the most commonly seen herringbone design. The popularity of the herringbone design is due not only to its timeless appeal but also to its versatility - it works almost anywhere, in any space and with most styles of architecture and decor. Herringbone floors make narrower spaces appear wider and more generous but equally adds interest and intimacy to larger rooms. It is ideal for rooms entered from different directions as it draws you in whichever way you cross it.

Our Original Vintage parquet blocks can all be used to lay single or double herringbone parquet floors and a brickwork design. The smaller size can also be used to create Basketweave. 

Installing our Original Vintage parquet flooring

Our parquet flooring is precision machined to the highest standards to make it as easy as possible to install. Our Original Vintage Parquet floors will need to be glue fixed to a dry, level sub-floor.

We normally recommend that our parquet flooring installed by an experienced professional but if you would like to try and fit your own then give us a call and we will be happy to talk you through what would be involved and send your our parquet flooring installation guide. It is worth bearing in mind that fitting parquet is a more time consuming and complex process than installing plank flooring as there are many more pieces to deal with and cuts to make, so it will cost a little more to fit.

Please ensure that professional fitters read our general flooring installation guide for information on sub floor preparation requirements and underfloor heating.


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