Old House Oak

Our Old House Collection of oak flooring was inspired by the saw marks typically left across the surface of floorboards years ago by the the rustic machinery used to make them. Although in the finest houses these were planed off by hand, this was rare and they remained a feature. 

These saw marks are the hallmark of our Old House Oak Floors, only now we add them painstakingly to the face of each board as our modern precision machinery leaves them beautifully flat ! We also add texture along the length of each board to remove the summer wood and add the soft patina that otherwise requires years of wear. Despite their authentic style, Old House Oak floors have a throughly modern feel and are the ideal way to add character to newer interiors or to blend period architecture and modern decor.

They are made on our Cottage Oak grade, whose larger and smaller knots give them a gently rustic feel, and are available as solid or engineered oak floors. Both are made from carefully selected, European Oak, and machined to the highest standards. The engineered boards feature our award winning Strata construction, made entirely of oak and offering a whole new level of dimensional stability.

Old House Oak floors are fully finished, ready to walk on the day they are laid with no further finishing required. They are sealed with durable, natural looking hardwax oil, specially designed to withstand the wear and tear of modern living and easy to maintain.

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