Fitting Parquet Wood Flooring

Broadleaf Parquet flooring should be glue fixed. We normally recommend that it is installed by professional - find out why and what you should consider when fitting parquet flooring.

Fitting parquet flooring is something we generally recommend is done by a professional, but we have put together some simple installation points to cover the basics and help you you discuss things with your fitter. These are a supplement to our general flooring installation guide which should also be read before installing any of our parquet floors.

  • Parquet flooring must be glue fixed to a suitable structural subfloor using Broadleaf Ultra Wood Flooring Adhesive or an equivalent. The adhesive applied to the subfloor and the parquet is laid onto this.
  • Suitable subfloors are concrete screed, structural flooring grade plywood or chipboard, or non structural flooring grade plywood fitted over an existing structural plank floor.
  • Some parquet flooring is fully finished and will not need any sanding or finishing once it has been fitted. This is the case for our Nuances, Nordic, Metro, Artisan and Distressed Painted Parquet floors. Some parquet flooring is semi-finished and will need top-coating after installation. This is the case for our Original and Pullman Vintage Collections. Some parquet flooring is unfinished and will need to be sanded and finihsed after installation. This is the case for our Traditional Parquet.
  • Parquet flooring blocks can be fitted in a number of different patterns depending on your preference and their dimensions. Chevron parquet is fitted in a single classic pattern. Herringbone is the most popular parquet flooring design and both single and double options can be created using our parquet flooring blocks.
  • Parquet flooring in any design can be fitted with or without a border, and traditional parquet which is sanded and sealed in situ can also be fitted with tramlines. Borders and tramlines create attractive decorative details, and give a parquet floor a more formal feel. They are typically most effective in rooms where there is minimal furniture around the perimeter to cover them. If you need any advice on possible parquet flooring designs, our team will be happy tp help.
  • Parquet flooring is typically more complex to install than plank flooring so we generally recommend that it is installed by an experienced professional fitter, particularly if it is traditional parquet flooring that needs to be sanded and sealed in situ.

    We do have a professional parquet flooring installation guide that is is available on request from our technical team on If you would like to fit your own parquet floor please contact our technical team for advice on the most suitable product and to discuss what is involved.


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