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Broadleaf are proud to be UK designers and makers of wood flooring. At a time where more and more manufacturing is being moved abroad, we are pleased to once again buck the trend and to make the majority of our wood flooring here in the Britain (well Wales to be exact)

Designing and making our wood floors in the UK means that we can offer our customers the widest range of beautiful wood flooring, in terms of colours, styles, textures and sizes. It means they don't have to choose between solid wood flooring in one finish and engineered wood flooring in another, because we can offer any of our finishes in either option. It also means that we can constantly evolve our range to respond to the latest interior trends and produce affordable bespoke wood flooring to match individual needs in sensible lead times. Our library currently holds over 500 finishes, available in a choice of formats and sizes, which in real terms amounts to an impressive 3,000 beautiful Broadleaf wood floors.

Making our wood flooring also means that we can ensure quality. From the selection of our timber to the way we wrap our pallets, every stage of our process s firmly focussed on delivery quality product time and again. Each Broadleaf wood floor passes through many expert hands and every detail from humidity to colour is methodically checked and approved by our team before it leaves our warehouse. 

Combined with expanded warehousing facilities, making our wood flooring here in the UK means that we can respond more quickly and efficiently to customer needs and offer improved lead times. It also reduces our impact on the environment as we can heat our workshops and warehouses with our own wood waste.

Broadleaf was voted Best Flooring Manufacturer - UK at the 2018 Build Interior Design Awards.