Traditional Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring has been a designer favourite since it was first introduced to Britain in C17th. Broadleaf Traditional Oak Parquet Flooring creates sleek, effortlessly glamourous floors that catch the light from every direction and show off the natural beauty of the timber to perfection. They are beautifully machined from carefully selected European Oak in a choice of perfectly propotioned blocks or chevrons that can be used to create a range of classic designs.

All of our Traditional Parquet Floors are unfinished and will need to be filled, sanded and sealed after fitting to achieve their characteristic 'icerink' smooth look. We recommend that they are finished with our Classic Hardwax Oil to enhance their natural tones and create a durable, low maintenance floor that is easy to refurbish if required.
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A bit more information about our parquet flooring 

Our parquet flooring is made of wooden blocks arranged into geometric shapes to create attractive patterns. As the pieces run in different directions they catch the light in different ways to create gently contrasting tones across the floor and show off the grain of the timber to stunning effect whichever way you walk across the floor. Although they are inherently elegant and luxurious, our parquet floors are also incredibly hard-wearing and very well suited to high traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens and commercial interiors.

Amongst our parquet collections you will find solid and engineered parquet flooring options, although the format shouldn't affect which you can use as explained below, so you can choose confidently by colour and style. You will also find a choice of different sizes and designs in every option so that you can create whichever pattern you prefer.

Solid v engineered parquet flooring

In some circumstances engineered plank floors can offer additional stability and fitting options. Due to its size, this isn't the case with parquet flooring as long as the timber is correctly dried and prepared so like our engineered parquet flooring, our solid parquet flooring can be successfully fitted in any room with normal living conditions. Both options will need to be glue fixed to a dry, level structural subfloor and are suitable for use over underfloor heating as long as they are fitted in line with our installation guide. 

Parquet flooring patterns

In recent years, parquet floors have become synonymous with the classic herringbone design, but the term parquet covers a wide variety of different patterns, including basketweave, versailles and chevrons. Herringbone floors are popular for a reason though - they work almost everywhere and have timeless appeal.  The herringbone design makes narrower spaces appear wider and more generous, but it also works well in rooms that are entered from more than one direction and adds interest and intimacy to larger rooms. Our parquet blocks can all be used to lay a herringbone parquet floor, a brickwork design and most are suitable for Basketweave. We also make chevrons in all of our parquet finishes. Chevron parquet is fast becoming a designer favourite, especially for larger luxury interiors where plenty of flooring is visible; it is inherently elegant but also inviting as it naturally draws you into and through the room.

Installing our Traditional parquet flooring

Our traditional parquet flooring is precision machined to the highest standards to make it as easy as possible to install. It will need to be glue fixed to a dry, level sub-floor and sanded, filled and sealed after fitting.  We would recommend that this is done by an experienced professional, not only because installing parquet floors is a more complex process than installing planks, but also because successfuly sanding a parquet floor takes both skill and high quality professional tools. 

It is worth bearing in mind that fitting a traditional parquet floor is a time consuming process so it will cost more to fit than pre-finished parquet flooring or planks.

Please ensure that professional fitters read our general flooring installation guide for information on sub floor preparation requirements and underfloor heating.

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