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Making our homes a haven has become a goal for most of us over the last year as we have had to spend so much more time in them and the world outside has been more than a little crazy. Find out how to Hygge your home with our beautiful real wood.

Hygge is all about cosy and making your home into a cocoon for cheer and well being. Beautiful real wood connects us to nature and improves our sense of well-being as well as looking good, which is why it is so integral to Scandinavian design and décor that have the principles of Hygge at their heart. The natural tones and texture of timber are inherently calming, as is the feel of it underfoot or to the touch, and they bring warmth and intimacy to any room. 

The most obvious way to bring wood into your interior is to fit wood flooring – real wood flooring that is. Although there are lots of visually clever imitations, these don’t feel like wood, or have the same positive effect on the mood and acoustics of a room or our sense of wellbeing when we walk on them. Doing this in the hall can be really effective, as it is the room that you walk through most often and sets the mood for the rest of the house. Less commonly thought of but equally effective is using wood on walls. Fitting planks to the wall behind a bed can transform a bedroom as can creating a feature wall in a living space or hallway. If you are working from home fitting planks on the wall behind a desk is great way to define an ‘office space ‘ and helps create a calm and positive mood that balances a digital screen.