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We all know that first impressions count, and putting a beautiful Broadleaf wood floor in the hallway of your home is guaranteed to make a good one. It's the room that every guest is sure to see, and sets a naturally stylish tone for the rest of the house. 

A beautiful wood floor solves instantly the challenge of how you 'decorate' a hallway, which due to their size or layout can often be tricky to furnish. We have so many colours, styles and finishes to choose from that it's easy to you create the look you want and feel that you want, and at the same time add a unique piece of furniture to your home that will add warmth, character and a subtle sense of luxury without taking up any space.

You can also use our wood flooring to help make your hallway feel bigger. Lighter and natural toned wood floors are an excellent option for making a smaller, darker hallway feel brighter and more expansive, as well as being forgiving when it comes to showing the dirt. Narrower boards will make a hallway feel wider, as will parquet flooring laid in a herringbone design, which also copes well with L or T shaped rooms. On the subject of parquet floors, if you like the idea but are concerned that parquet might be a bit formal for you or the style of your home, take a look at our Vintage Parquet collections, which have a more informal feel and a gently distressed style that is really adaptable.

In most houses hallways see more traffic than any other room, so any flooring you choose needs to be hard wearing and easy to look after. A beautiful wood floor ticks both of these boxes, especially if it is sealed with one of our durable hardwax oil finishes that needs minimal maintenance to stay looking good and can be easily renovated if necessary. Avoid cheaper, less hard wearing wood flooring in hallways, as it just won't stand the test of time, and equally natural oiled finishes which will require more maintenance than other options.

To keep your beautiful wood floor looking good in a hallway, drop a matwell into the area in front of the entrance door to catch dirt and grit. As well as being an attractive feature, especially if prettily framed, it will also keep the mat in place so that it can protect the floor as effectively as possible. For the best results, replace the mat when it wears. 

If you have any questions on how you might add a wood floor to your hallway, drop us an email or give us a call. All of our beautiful Broadleaf wood floors are suitable for use in hallways. Click here to choose yours.