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Our beautiful Broadleaf showrooms are currently closed as part of the countrywide effort to stop the spread of Covid-19. After careful consideration, our factory, warehouse, and head office remain open for business the moment (although obviously not to the public), as these are based in rural West Wales where staff do not have to travel to work on public transport and are able to fully adhere to social distancing guidance whilst on site.

You can therefore still order brochures, samples, or flooring online, or by phone or email if you prefer. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook - @broadleaftimber - where we will be posting beautiful floors, tips, and design ideas to help provide a bit of inspiration and distraction over the next few weeks.

We are also still able to arrange deliveries.

We very much hope that our fabulous showroom teams will be able to welcome you all back soon, but in the meantime, you can visit us by video, here at our Head Office showroom, and talk to one of our expert team about beautiful wood floors or doors for any projects you are considering.

It’s obviously not quite the same as visiting one of our lovely showrooms in person, but we genuinely believe it is a very good second. We can’t make you a cup of tea, or offer you a biscuit, but we can walk you around the showroom, show you samples of different styles, colours, and formats of flooring, discuss design options, and offer you plenty of friendly, expert advice in just the same way as we would face to face.

On a positive note, a visit by video also gives you a chance to walk us round your space, which is something we can’t do when you visit us in person. We can send samples of floors that you think might fit the bill and provide quotes if required.

Even though right now might not be the time that you want to fit a wood floor (although it is a fantastic DIY project if you want one and we can offer lots of expert help and advice), you can still dream, plan, and have fun thinking about doing it when you can.

For more information on arranging a visit by video, click here.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to us or email us, click here for our Head Office contact details