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Interiors are increasingly designed not just with the visual in mind, but also the tactile, as we look to create spaces which appeal to our senses in a multitude of ways and improve our well being.

Humans are sensory beings. We experience the world around us through touch, sight, smell and hearing, and these senses work together to enable our minds to understand our surroundings.
We now understand that the more our senses are pleased by what they find, the better we feel about where we are, which is why interior designers increasingly focus on the tactile as well as the visual to create spaces that are sensory rich and have a positive impact on our whole well-being, not just our eyes.


Why use Texture in Interior Design?

A clever use of texture will change how a room feels and how it sounds, as well as how it looks. Textured surfaces look more interesting to our eyes, feel more interesting to the touch, and help soften sound to improve acoustics. It best mimics the natural world, and as such, tends to make us feel safe, comforted and more relaxed.

Little surprise then that connecting interiors to nature remains a trend-leading way to decorate our homes and a firm designer favourite – it creates a gentle rusticity and laid-back atmosphere that’s perfectly suited to busy family homes and authentically lived-in spaces.

Adding Texture with Wood Flooring

One of the best ways to incorporate texture in your interior is to choose a beautiful textured wood floor to set the tone. Wood is inherently organic, so it will instantly and subtly connect the whole room to nature, grounding your senses and creating a sense of calm and well-being, however you choose to decorate above it. Adding texture accentuates the grain to make it feel even more natural and tactile as well as helping to soften sound.

Finding the perfect textured floor for your space isn't always easy, but it's worth it. Added surface texture will accentuate the timber grain, making it feel even more natural and tactile, and will also help soften sound to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Broadleaf Nuances Textures Collection

We created our Nuances Textures Wood Flooring with relaxed interiors in mind. There are ten floors in the collection, each a beautiful natural shades over softly textured Oak that are versatile, tactile and timeless. Paired with other natural materials like wool and linen they are the perfect way to create quietly luxurious, natural interiors that instil an instant sense of well-being.

As well as enhancing the grain and adding depth to the colour so that they are a treat to look at, the gentle texture added to these floors makes them even more of a delight to walk on barefoot and makes dust and dirt less visible.

The Nuances Textures collection is available in expertly machined solid and engineered planks, engineered parquet and chevron, all of which we make using sustainably sourced European Oak and finish with our durable, solvent-free hardwax oil.

If you’d like some more information and to order samples please click here to browse the collection. For friendly expert advice please get in touch or visit your local Broadleaf showroom.