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Once upon a time looking after wood flooring was hard work, but not any more. All Broadleaf pre-finished wood floors are protected with high quality, natural hard wax oil finishes designed for modern living and minimum maintenance.

Follow these simple steps to optimise the life of your wood floor finish and keep your Broadleaf wood flooring looking its best 

  1. Vacuum your wood flooring regularly or sweep with a soft brush to remove loose dust and dirt.

  2. Clean your wood flooring using Broadleaf Wood Floor Cleaner, diluted as per the label with warm (not hot) water and a well wrung out mop. Don’t be tempted by generic supermarket floor cleaning products - although many of these are marked as wood floor cleaners, when you read the small print they are not suitable for anything other than lacquered or varnished wood flooring as they contain alkalis that can damage other floor finishes over time.

  3. To help protect against day to day wear and tear and scratches, maintain your wood flooring with Broadleaf Wood Floor Wax. A world away from old fashioned ‘hands and knees’ waxes it is quick and easy to use. Just apply sparingly to the wood flooring with a flat head mop, leave to dry for a few minutes and then buff off with either a flat head mop or an electric buffer.

And that's it !

A little TLC and you will be able to enjoy your wood flooring for years and years. And if you have any other maintenance questions, just give us a call or email technical@broadleaftimber.com