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As you might expect, here at Broadleaf we love wood, and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We have always recycled the sawdust made by our flooring production and used our offcuts to heat our factory, so that our team and our timber stay warm in the winter, but now we have taken things to a whole new level.

Following some not insignificant investment in some very clever technology (and little bit of magic from our in house engineers) we are now able to convert all of our timber waste into brilliant Broadleaf Logettes. These high quality, high efficiency reconstituted 'logs' burn even better and even hotter than traditional ones, and leave less ash. This means that we are recycling even more effectively and keeping our team even warmer on these chilly welsh winter afternoons which is definitely a win win result. They are 100% oak, held together simply by the natural cellulose in the timber.

Logettes also look quite attractive in your log basket (although they are not all quite as authentically coloured as those in the photo above, which were some of the first and got a bit stuck giving them a rather more log like tone than normal !) and are perfect for wood burners and open fires alike.

They are available via from Broadleaf showrooms, but if you would like more information, drop us a line at sales@broadleaftimber.com