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Like a good bottle of wine, a beautiful wood floor should get better with age. Follow these top tips from the Broadleaf experts to keep your wood floor looking showroom beautiful.

  1. Put dirt trapping mats at entrance doorways to catch grit so that it doesn't get walked onto your wood floor and scratch the finish. Coir mats are the most effective when it comes to catching grit.

  2. Have matwells to house mats cut into your wood floor when it is fitted. This keeps them in place and means that they don't catch on the door as you open it. Edging matwells with contrasting timber makes them an attractive feature and encourages people to use the mat !

  3. Don't limit yourself to a standard sized mat. Broadleaf sell Coir Matting cut to size so you can have whatever size mat well suits your doorway.

  4. Use felt pads and castors on chairs, sofa and other items of furniture that move without being lifted to prevent unnecessary scratches to your floor finish.

  5. Wood floors and their finishes will mellow over time. Move large pieces of furniture and rugs slightly from time to time to even out this process across the floor and minimise noticeable differences.

  6. Give your wood floor a bit of regular TLC - even the most durable wood floor finishes need a bit of ongoing maintenance to keep them looking good. All Broadleaf floors can be simply cared for using our Wood Floor Cleaner and Wood Floor Wax.

  7. Don't use generic supermarket wood floor cleaners to clean your floor unless you have checked the detailed instructions (the really small print on the back) and made sure they are suitable for your finish. Most are only suitable for wood floors finished with varnish or lacquer, and if you use them on oiled or hardwax oiled floors they will gradually strip the finish of over time.

  8. Don't steam clean your wood floor - whatever it says on the steam cleaner instructions - wood is a hygroscopic material and if you force moisture into it at high pressure you will damage it, even if that damage is not immediately visible. Unfortunately we speak to more and more people who have only seen a problem after the third or fourth time that they have steam cleaned their floor.