Broadleaf Wood Floor Wax
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Broadleaf Wood Floor Wax

Broadleaf Wood Floor Wax is the simple, no fuss floor maintenance wax specifically designed to care for oiled and waxed wood floors.

Quick and easy to use it nourishes and heals, repairing smaller scratches and restoring lustre as well as helping to protect the floor against future wear and tear.

Unlike most other wood floor waxes, it contains no added colour, so you can be confident that it won't yelllow natural and lighter wood floors, or those with paler tones in their grain.

Used regularly, Broadleaf Wood Floor Wax can help protect your floor finish and prevent the need for reapplication. 

To use, apply sparingly with a Wood Floor Mop fitted with an applicator pad. Be a little more generous in higher wear areas but do not over apply. Leave to dry for a few minutes and then buff off with a Wood Floor Mop fitted with a buffing pad or an electric buffer.

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