Broadleaf Rich Hardwax Oil
Broadleaf Rich Hardwax Oil
  • Broadleaf Rich Hardwax Oil
  • Broadleaf Rich Hardwax Oil
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Broadleaf Rich Hardwax Oil

Broadleaf Rich Hardwax Oil is a durable, easy to apply wood finish that creates a natural, matt satin seal to protect and enhance wood floors, doors and other internal woodwork.

Suitable for domestic or commercial installations Broadleaf Rich Hardwax Oil is a luxurious nut brown tone with just a hint of auburn that is rich in tone but light in feel. A classic, versatile tone when applied to Oak that sits well with almost any interior style.

It is water repellent, stain resistant and can be simply refurbished without the need to sand off the original application.

For a natural tone or to blend with Broadleaf Rich Oak floors apply a coat of Rich Hardwax Oil, wipe back to the desired tone and then apply 2 topcoats with Broadleaf Classic Hardwax Oil. 

For a deeper tone apply a second coat of Broadleaf Rich Oak Hardwax Oil. if this is wiped back to achieve an even tone we would recommend a final coat of Broadleaf Classic Hardwax Oil to ensure complete protection of the timber.

Maintain with Broadleaf Wood Floor Cleaner and Broadleaf Wood Floor Wax.

Normal Coverage: 20 - 24m2 per litre single coat

Normal Drying Time:  4-6 hours.

Swatch above shows a single coat of Broadleaf Rich Hardwax Oil applied to European Oak, topcoated with Broadleaf Classic Hardwax Oil.

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