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Essential Product Information

Broadleaf External Doors are all made from beautiful solid wood and traditionally handbuilt in our workshops. All designs are available in French Oak and most are also available in a paintable option combining sustainable exotic hardwood and Oak for additional stability. 

Due to our Great British climate, and the fact most people shy at the sort of regular adjustments and maintenance traditionally made to exterior joinery to keep them weatherproof, our doors should only be fitted into porches or entrances, and not directly exposed to elements. They must also be finished and maintained as detailed below.

With the exception of French Doors which come with a frame as standard, all of our external doors, frames and side panels are sold separately so that you can order the elements that you require to create the perfect entrance. 


Broadleaf Oak Exterior Doors are supplied machine sanded, ready to be sealed before installation with the finish of your choice. Broadleaf Paintable Exterior Doors supplied primed ready for paint. In both cases they must be sealed before fitting with a product suitable for exterior use. They must be sealed all round, including under hinges or other furniture as required by the manufacturer's instructions.

If any finish or paint is removed during the installation process, this must be reapplied so that there is no exposed timber.

For Oak Doors, we recommend finishing with Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra 420. This is a natural oil finish which will protect the timber but allow the door to weather to a grey patina over time. 

If you wish to enhance the natural oak colour of your Oak Door or finish it in a different tone, we recommend using Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain as an undercoat to the 420 UV Protection Oil.

These finishes be applied to your door in our workshop prior to delivery, or sold separately if you prefer, but in this case you will almost certainly need to order spare finish so that whoever is fitting your door can re-touch any areas exposed as a result of fine tuning during installation. 

Our hardwood doors are supplied primed ready for painting. They should be painted with a suitable exterior paint designed for primed timber surfaces.

Please bear in mind that all finishes should be applied in line with manufacturers guidelines and will require regular re-application if they are to remain effective - this will normally be at least annually, but will depend on product and how it wears. Failure to maintain your finish is likely to lead to abnormal movement in your door as it will not be fully protected against the weather.


Broadleaf External Doors are supplied without furniture so that you can choose exactly the style and finish that you prefer. We offer a range of External Door Furniture that can be ordered separately should you wish and are happy to offer advice on which products might be more suitable.

Broadleaf External Doors are not supplied pre-hung and should be hung in situ into a frame that is secure and square in its final position using 3 good quality 3” x 4” ball bearing hinges suitable for their weight (60 – 80kg depending on size and design).

A traditional style weather bar is fitted into all of our door frames (unless you specifically request otherwise). This is an elegant strip of steel or brass depending on your preference that protrudes from the base of the frame by approximately 10mm to prevent rain being blown in under the door. 

Design Drawings

Once you have chosen your preferred design and provided us with dimensions, we will prepare an individual design drawing for you to accompany your quote. 

This will show you how your door will look and include your particular specification details. Any amendments required can be made simply and easily by our design team and the final drawing will need to be signed off to confirm your order. We would always recommend that this drawing is discussed with whoever is fitting your doors and has measured them and that they also sign this off.


Please note that due to their weight, our drivers cannot unload external doors alone. If you will not be able to provide assistance, please let us know when you order and we can arrange additional manpower for an additional charge.

Drip Bars

All of our external doors (with the exception of the Chateau) can be fitted with a drip bar if you wish. This should be ordered separately but please bear in mind that it is not an alternative to a weather bar which is also required.


Glazed external doors and side panels are supplied with 14mm double glazing unless otherwise specified as are fanlights. This can be replaced by 6mm safety glass if you prefer and a bullseye option is also available for vision panels. These preferences should be indicated when you order and will be marked on your invoice. 

If you wish to install custom glazing in your external doors, you will need to supply the dimensions for this, including thickness, when you order and have this fitted at the same time as the door.

Letterboxes & Catflaps

Letterboxes and cat/dog flaps can be accommodated by most designs and fitted in our workshops. You will need to request this service when you order your external doors, and either order the item from our range of exterior door funriture or supply it before we begin construction.


Broadleaf External Doors, Frames and Side Panels are all made to measure. Published prices are for doors and frames to 1000mm x 2100mm, doors to 900mm x 2000mm and side panels to 500mm x 2100mm.

Larger sizes can be accommodated design permitting, but will carry a supplement. For a quote for an oversized door, just contact your nearest showroom or Broadleaf Head Office. 

Accurate measurement is essential for straightforward installation and a weatherproof door and should be done by the intended fitter.


It is normal for exterior doors made from solid wood to move slightly in response to changes in humidity and temperature. In the long term, as long as they are regularly maintained with a suitable exterior finish and protected by a porch or canopy so that they are not exposed to the elements, this movement is likely to be minimal, but in the short term (normally after the first winter) seasonal adjustment may be required to take account of ‘settling in’ movement.

Less movement should be expected from paintable doors but these should also be expected to move slightly in response to climatic conditions and may also require seasonal adjustment.

Seasonal adjustment should be able to be done by the same installer who fits the door at an additional charge.

Timber Selection

The Oak used for our external doors is carefully selected for its particular purpose. Timber used for panelled doors will only feature occasional pin knots. Timber for Manoir, Chateau and Fermette doors may feature some cat’s paw and occasional small knots which will be filled before sanding if necessary.


We can supply U values for all of our external wooden doors upon request. Please ask us if you need or want this information.

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