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Our beautiful showrooms are temporarily closed, and our fabulous commercial team are working from home, but we are still happy to chat to you about wood flooring projects you are considering, either by phone, email, or for the closest experience to visiting one of our showrooms or meeting us in person, by video call.

Many of you will be familiar with video calls, and use them regularly for work or chatting to family.

To you, we will simply say that we are able to offer video via Skype or FaceTime, whichever suits best, and you can email, or call us on 01269 851 910 to arrange a mutually convenient time for this.

To those who are not, let us explain a little further:

To visit us by video you will need a mobile phone, tablet, or computer capable of making a video call (with a camera, speaker and microphone) that is connected to the internet.

If you have an Apple device, we can connect with you by video through FaceTime.

If you have an android device, or a PC, we can chat with you via Skype - you don't have to have this installed, we can send you an invite so that you can connect to the call via the Skype website.

Once we have arrange a mutually convenient time to chat, either by phone or email as you prefer, we will contact you via your preferred method and we can chat just as we would if you were able to visit one of our showrooms in person, or one of our commercial team were to visit your offices.

We can show you samples, look at different colour options, offer design advice, and answer your wood flooring questions with the same personal attention, care and expertise. 

Following the video chat, we can arrange to send you samples of your favourite flooring options, put together quotations, and process orders as required.

If you would like to fit your own floor, we can talk you through the process from start to finish, provide simple instructions and friendly, expert support at the end of the phone.

Contact us now to arrange a time for your video chat!