See how our superb real wood products could help you to beautify your home

Fans of luxury scented candles will be thrilled with the latest addition to Broadleaf’s maintenance range for wood floors – delicious scented floor wax.

This fabulous innovation takes looking after your wood floor to a whole new level. Not only does it keep your wood floor looking showroom beautiful with minimum effort, it also leaves the room indulgently scented.

There are four beautiful, seasonally inspired fragrances to choose from: Spring encapsulates the scent of the season’s first flowers, Summer captures the essence of a blooming summer garden, Autumn brings the relaxing aromas of warm citrus and comforting cedar, and Winter is a festive blend of sweet aromatic spices.

Like Broadleaf’s original Natural Wood Floor Wax, the scented collection is quick and easy to apply and can be used to nourish and protect all oiled or waxed wood floors, repairing the signs of day to day wear and tear. They are also translucent - of particular interest to owners of fashionably paler floors, which can be tainted by yellow toned waxes. And as each time the floor is walked on, buffed or warmed the fragrance is re-invigorated, there’s no need for constant reapplication to keep your room smelling great.