See how our superb real wood products could help you to beautify your home


Raw, natural, pared back style is without doubt one of the strongest interior trends for 2018, reflecting our growing desire to balance the increasingly busy digital world in which we live. Far from a fad, this is a trend which has been growing for some time and is expected to remain popular moving forward.

Beautiful wood floors with bare looking finishes and tactile surfaces are the perfect way to bring this look to your home. Remember though, invest in the best quality you can, as this style is all about the warmth, resonance and individuality of natural, organic materials which cheap engineered floors and laminates won’t deliver.

For a classic wood floor with a bare wood look and a subtle, natural texture, try Broadleaf Nude Oak flooring. Available as either a solid oak floor or our award winning Strata engineered oak floor, as well as on our Essential engineered boards, Nude Oak is the perfect back drop for any naturally inspired interior style.


For a bit more texture, and a more definitely raw feel, Broadleaf Chiswick Oak flooring is an ideal choice. As well as the authentic look of an unfinished wood floor it has a unique, slightly geometric texture which is wonderfully tactile and picks out all of the detail of the oak’s natural grain. Like our Nude Oak Flooring, Chiswick Oak is available as both a solid wood floor and an engineered oak floor in a choice of widths and generous lengths.

Alternatively, if you fancy a parquet wood floor instead of a plank, our Vintage Oak Parquet is the perfect way to marry classic design with this current trend. With gently distressed edges and a subtle surface patina it is elegantly raw in style and has an easy informality that adapts to almost any interior style. Choose Nude Oak Vintage Parquet for a bare wood, contemporary look, or Classic Oak Vintage Parquet for a slightly more golden, but still thoroughly natural feel.

And remember, the floor isn’t the only place that you can use our beautiful wood flooring – all of these options can also be used to create stunning feature walls, a solution well loved by designers to bring the benefits of real wood into smaller rooms, where there is less floor space on view !