Solid Oak Plank Doors

Our beautiful plank doors are made from genuine solid oak, and they’re ideal if you want a traditional, authentic atmosphere in your home.
Keep reading for more information about our solid oak doors, along with a few door installation tips from the experts here at Broadleaf Timber.

Oak Plank Doors - Product Information

The doors have 3 ledges on the rear and diagonal braces can be supplied on request. Knots are filled as necessary and the oak doors are machine sanded. 
Doors to be hinged on the face will have stopped ledges (stopped slightly short of the edge of the door) that are chamfered all the way round. If you want your solid oak doors to be hinged on the rear, they will have through ledges which run to the edge of the door and are chamfered top and bottom only. Decorative rosehead nails are added to the face but can be omitted if you tell us when you order. 
If you choose one of our workshop finishes, no further finishing will be necessary. If your plank door is sanded or Brushed and Burned, it will need to be sealed with a suitable interior finishing product. Door furniture is not supplied with our solid oak doors.


Oak plank doors are made to measure and can be made up to 914mm x 2000mm. We recommend that measurements are taken by whoever is going to fit the door to avoid the need for onsite adjustments. Bear in mind that measurements will need to take account of any floor coverings, although these may not always be present when the measurements are taken.

Door Installation

Hang full size plank doors on traditional T or strap hinges at least 15” long. These will need to be cut into the architrave during door installation and fixed to the face of the door that you want to open towards you. Where the hinges are to be fixed will determine how the ledges are finished (see above) and will therefore need to be decided at the time of order. Where hinges are to be fixed to the ledges of the door, a door block will be supplied with the door to take the latch. 
Oak plank doors are typically closed using a traditional Suffolk or Cottage latch. To fix a Suffolk latch you will need to cut a slot of approx 6mm x 25mm in the door for the thumb latch element to pass through and pivot. The ‘staple’ is then tapped through the door and the sharp ends knocked back against the timber on the other side or pinched off.


Our solid oak plank doors should always be stored flat, and raised off the floor with blocks or another suitable support that will not damage them. They should never be stored outside or in any environment where wet works are not fully dry (as defined in Section 1 of Installation Guide – Floors).
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