Solid Oak Plank Doors

Our gorgeous oak plank doors are made from beautiful solid French oak, and are the ideal way to bring authentic country style to any interior.
Keep reading for more information about our solid oak doors, along with a few door installation tips from the experts here at Broadleaf Timber.

Internal Oak Plank Doors - Product Information

Broadleaf Internal Oak Plank Doors are traditionally handbuilt in our workshops here in Wales from sustainably sourced solid French Oak. They are available in a choice of Cottage Oak, which features larger and smaller knots as well as richer colour variation to create a more traditional, rustic looking door, or Elegance Oak which features smaller knots and creates doors with a more contemporary country feel.  
All Broadleaf Oak Plank Doors are made to measure as standard. Typically they are 4-6 planks wide but this will vary depending on the size of the door and the planks selected.
Classic Oak Plank Doors are available in any size up to 915mm x 2050 at no additional cost and larger sizes can normally be accommodated at a supplement. 
Oak Plank Fire Doors are made to measure in any size up to 840mm x 2085mm, using two sets of slightly thinner planks with a discreet intumesecent core sandwiched between. As a result they are heavier and thicker than a Classic Oak Plank Door.
All Oak Plank Doors have 3 horizontal ledges on the rear, chamfered along the edges and fixed with screws that are covered with discreet oak plugs sanded flush with the surface of the door. Each plank has an attractive bead and butt detail along the edge on the front and a simple bevel on the rear.
Unlike many suppliers we carefully hand fill any knots in our Oak Plank Doors and then expertly sand them ready to finish. This adds a little to the cost but saves significant time, effort and disruption at installation stage. We also offer a range of beautiful workshop finishes which can be ordered as an extra.
Broadleaf Oak Plank Doors are designed to be fitted with tradtional "T" or strap hinges (see below) and whichever side these are fitted to will be the one that opens towards you. We make doors that are to be hinged on the face with ledges that finish slightly short of the edge of the door (stopped ledges). Doors that are to be hinged on the rear are made with ledges that run all the way to the edges of the door so that there isn't an ugly gap under the end of the hinge (which would be the case if they were stopped short). 
We normally finish our Oak Plank Doors with decorative handforged rosehead nails but these can be omitted for a simpler, more contemporary look if you prefer. You will need to request this when you order and it will be marked on your invoice.
If you have a slanted opening, we can cut your Oak Plank Door to template in our workshops or suppy it with a loose top ledge so that it can be cut to fit in situ. 
We can also supply diagonal braces as an extra if you wish but these are not needed for stability.  


Broadleaf Oak plank doors are all made to measure and we recommend that measurements are taken by whoever is going to fit the door to avoid the need for onsite adjustments.
Bear in mind that measurements will need to take account of any floor coverings, although these may not always be present when the measurements are taken.
Measurements for each size of door ordered will be shown on your invoice.

Door Installation

Broadleaf Oak Plank Doors are designed to be fitted with traditional style " T" or strap hinges at least 15” long.  Classic Oak Plank doors will require a pair of hinges. Oak Plank Fire Doors should be hung on 3 hinges due to their additional weight. These will need to be cut into the architrave and fixed to the face of the door that you want to open towards you.
Where the hinges are to be fixed will determine how the type of ledge on the door (see above) and will therefore need to be decided at the time of order. Where hinges are to be fixed to the rear of the door they will be fitted to the ledges and a door block will be supplied with the door to take the latch. 
Oak Plank Doors are typically closed using a traditional Suffolk or Cottage latch. To fix a Suffolk latch you will need to cut a slot of approx 6mm x 25mm in the door for the thumb latch element to pass through and pivot. The ‘staple’ is then tapped through the door and the sharp ends knocked back against the timber on the other side or pinched off.
Broadleaf Oak Plank Doors are designed for internal use only and should not be used outside or in any doorway exposed to the exterior.


Our solid oak plank doors should always be stored flat, and raised off the floor with blocks or another suitable support that will not damage them. They must be stored in a room with normal living conditions - sealed, dry, free from damp, heated and within the following scope:
Temperature: 15 - 24 degrees centigrade
Relative Humidity: 40 - 35%
The must not be stored outside or in any other damp or unheated environment (such as a garage).


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