Oak Door Liners

Standard interior door liners are 132mm wide and are made from single pieces of oak. They are notched at 2’6” and 2’9”. 
Made-to-measure door liners are available in any width up to 800mm. These are made from lengths of solid oak glued side by side for stability and are un-notched. 
All of our oak door liners are 28mm thick, come complete with slamming strips, and can be supplied with integral smoke seals to be used with fire doors.


Oak door liners should only be fitted after plastering is complete and fully dry as wet plaster is likely to warp them and will react with the tannin in the oak and turn them purple. To create a flat edge against which to plaster, use waste timber set the correct distance back to accommodate the oak liner once the plaster is fully dry.
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