Traditional Oak Flooring

Broadleaf Traditional Oak floors are selected from the finest french oak, then beautifully machined and left completely unfinished so that you can treat them as you wish once they have been fitted. This is how wood floors were supplied traditionally, hence the name.

By unfinished, we mean not filled, or sanded, or finished in any way, so you have complete control over which of these processes you apply to your floor, and how. Obviously we would always recommend that you finish your floor to protect it from marking but other than that it is entirely up to you.

Our Traditional Oak floors, as you might expect are solid plank floors that come in a choice of widths that can be mixed if you want to create a really traditional look. Some options can be used over underfloor heating but will need to be re-kilned for this purpose. 

To finish your Traditional Oak floors we would always recommend our natural Wood Finishes which are easy to apply, hard wearing and need minimal maintenance to stay looking good.

For a traditional wood floor that is already filled and sanded, or an unfinished engineered oak floor, see our Classic Oak Collection. For fully finished solid and engineered oak floors see our other flooring collections. 

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