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Top tips to keep your wood floor looking showroom beautiful.

A good quality wood floor should age beautifully, a bit like a good bottle of wine. To help make sure this is the case, follow these top tips from our expert team                                                                                                                      

  1. Put dirt trapping mats at entrance door ways to minimise damage to your floor finish and avoid unnecessary maintenance - coir mats are the most effective when it comes to catching grit.

  2. House coir mats in matwells cut into the floor as part of the installation to keep them in place. Edged with matching or contrasting timber these also create an attractive feature and encourage people to use the mat !

  3. Don't limit yourself to a standard sized mat, Broadleaf offer Coir Matting cut to size so you can have whatever size mat well suits your doorway.

  4. Use felt pads and castors on chairs, sofa and other items of furniture that move without being lifted to prevent unnecessary scratches to your floor finish.

  5. Over time light will slowly mellow the tone of your wood floor. Move large pieces of furniture and rugs slightly from time to time to even out this process across the floor and minimise noticeable differences.

  6. Give your wood floor a bit of regular TLC - follow our simple maintenance guide.

  7. Don't steam clean your wood floor - whatever it says in the instructions - wood is a hygroscopic material and if you force moisture into it at high pressure you will damage it, even if that damage is not immediately visible. Unfortunately we speak to more and more people who have only seen a problem after the third or fourth time that they have steam cleaned their floor.


How to maintain your Broadleaf Wood Floor

Once upon a time looking after a wood floor was hard work, but not any more. All Broadleaf pre-finished floors are protected with high quality hard wax oil finishes that are designed for modern living and minimum maintenance. Follow these simple steps keep your Broadleaf wood floor looking good and optimise the life of your wood floor finish.

  1. Vacuum your floor regularly or sweep with a soft brush to remove loose dust and dirt.

  2. Clean it using Broadleaf Wood Floor Cleaner diluted as per the label with warm (not hot) water and a well wrung out mop. Don’t be tempted by generic floor cleaning products - although many of these are marked as wood floor cleaners when you read the small print they are not suitable for anything other than lacquered or varnished floors as they contain alkalis that can damage other floor finishes over time.

  3. To help protect against day to day wear and tear and scratches maintain your floor with Broadleaf Wood Floor Wax. A world away from old fashioned ‘hands and knees’ waxes it is quick and easy to use. You just apply sparingly with a flat head mop, leave to dry for a few minutes and then buff off with either a flat head mop or an electric buffer.

And that's it ! Enjoy your floor and if you have any other maintenance questions, just give us a call or email


Broadleaf Floors The Senses With Scented Wax

Fans of luxury scented candles will be thrilled with the latest addition to Broadleaf’s maintenance range for wood floors – delicious scented floor wax.

This fabulous innovation takes looking after your wood floor to a whole new level. Not only does it keep your wood floor looking showroom beautiful with minimum effort, it also leaves the room indulgently scented.

There are four beautiful, seasonally inspired fragrances to choose from: Spring encapsulates the scent of the season’s first flowers, Summer captures the essence of a blooming summer garden, Autumn brings the relaxing aromas of warm citrus and comforting cedar, and Winter is a festive blend of sweet aromatic spices.

Like Broadleaf’s original Natural Wood Floor Wax, the scented collection is quick and easy to apply and can be used to nourish and protect all oiled or waxed wood floors, repairing the signs of day to day wear and tear. They are also translucent - of particular interest to owners of fashionably paler floors, which can be tainted by yellow toned waxes. And as each time the floor is walked on, buffed or warmed the fragrance is re-invigorated, there’s no need for constant reapplication to keep your room smelling great.


What is a pre-finished floor ?


Most wood floors are now supplied pre-finished rather than to be finished in situ as used to be the case. This means that they will arrive with a suitable wood floor finish prior already applied. Generally these are fully finished, ready to walk on the day that they are laid and do not require any additional finishing. However, this is not always the case:

Some pre-finished floors require further finishing after installation -  most commonly these are oil finishes but can be the case with other finishes too. Increasingly you will see these floors described as part or semi finished (this is certainly the case at Broadleaf) but this is not always the case by any means so it is worth double checking before you buy if it is not made clear in the product description.

Wood floors pre-finished with Hardwax Oil have a natural look and offer good durability with relatively low maintenance. They can be easily refurbished if required without the need for the original finish to be sanded back (unless this has worn so far that the colour has become patchy).

Oiled wood floors are less durable and will normally need regular treatment with maintenance oil to keep them looking good.

Lacquered wood floors (the professional term for varnish) offer good durability and low maintenance but they do generally have a more processed look and will normally need to be sanded back to bare wood before they can be refurbished.

However your wood floor is finished, use the recommended cleaning products to keep it looking its best. Avoid generic floor cleaning products from supermarkets, which often contain harsh alkalis which can damage floor finishes over time and make them less resistant to dirt and wear, and whatever you do DO NOT steam clean your wood floor.


Making the grade! wood flooring grade explained


Grades are the way that wood flooring is categorised depending on the amount and size of knots and variation that it features. The idea is that this helps customers understand how the floor will look once laid – it is not a description of quality.

A rustic grade floor for example could be expected to feature large and small knots as well as plenty of natural colour variation. A prime grade would normally feature very little colour variation and few if any knots.

So far, so good, but there is a slight complication – grades are not standard, and different countries and companies have different grading conventions so Rustic and Prime from one supplier may not be comparable with Rustic and Prime from another. Some companies such as Broadleaf use their own grades and define these to avoid confusion, but where this is not the case the best way to compare like for like is to look for descriptions of grades and not rely simply on titles.